Since they're not sleeping and I can't get any actual work done, I thought I'd make a list.
  1. 40 minutes into a two hour nap.
  2. Six kids.
  3. One teacher.
  4. Two stuffed rabbits, one stuffed bear, three stuffed monkeys, and one stuffed cat.
  5. Three sleeping children, two wiggle worms and one who is fading.
  6. "Feet away from his head."
  7. "Do NOT wake him up."
  8. "Close your eyes, it's naptime."—"Why?"
    I am NOT engaging in this conversation, go to sleep!!
  9. "Take Monkey down from the sticky wall please."
  10. Wiggle worms were just told they would be the first ones woken up if they didn't stop playing. Quieter now.
  11. One drink of water and two songs later, I have five sleepers and another who is almost there.
  12. One teacher who thought listing would be easy during nap. No.
  13. Kids are all asleep, one hour and twenty minutes into nap.
  14. The cuteness of a group of sleeping 2.5-3 year olds is ridiculous. I really love my class this year, they're super sweet. 💕
  15. One assistant teacher back from her break—twenty minutes late.
  16. Assistant who does nothing gets to enjoy a restful forty minutes while I'm on break.
  17. I run out of the room saying "I'm fine!!" after being chided by my assistant for not wearing my coat or scarf. I'm fine. FINE!