Great topic @LizDawson! Man, I watched a lot of movies as a kid, this is a very edited list of the ones that meant the most to me. Lots of comedy, some period pieces, musicals, superheroes, a couple of love stories, some drama and a little fantasy. This is still exactly my taste.
  1. Sleeping Beauty
    I wasn't a Disney kid in the same way that a lot of people were--but this one! The dancing, the fairies, the castle! LOVE!
  2. Batman
    Wham! POW! My love for Batman started at 4 with this movie.
  3. Mary Poppins
    Inspired the best Halloween costume I've had to date.
  4. The Wizard of Oz
    "Why, I'm not a witch at all!"
  5. Milo and Otis
    Advice: Don't do any research on the making of this movie or try to watch it as an adult. Trust me.
  6. The Never Ending Story
    All I wanted was a ride on that flying dog creature.
  7. Home Alone
    Had nightmares about break-ins for a long time afterward, but I still loved this movie.
  8. The Witches
  9. Hook
    I've probably watched this movie more than any other in my lifetime and I still love it!
  10. The Mighty Ducks
    I'm sure this is on every Minnesota kid's list. It also was the beginning of a love for Joshua Jackson that has never died.
  11. Pippi Longstocking
    Annika is still on my list of potential names for a future daughter.
  12. The Sound of Music
    I make my students learn "Do-Re-Mi" every year.
  13. Money Pit
    For years, Tom Hanks was "that guy from Money Pit".
  14. Parenthood
    I wasn't allowed to see TMNT at 6 years old, but this was okay? Eh well, I turned out okay and it remains one of my favorites.
  15. The Parent Trap
    "Let's get together, yea, yea, yeah!" Love!
  16. A Christmas Story
    Pre-24 hours on TBS, my family would rent this every holiday season.
  17. Look Who's Talking
    I watched this so many times. Proof that my fascination with babies and pregnancy started early.
  18. My Girl
    Veda was such a little weirdo, I loved her.
  19. The Muppets' Christmas Carol
    I still say this is the best movie adaption of this story, I get into arguments about it every holiday season.
  20. Father of the Bride
    Even at six or seven, I identified with Steve Martin's anxious and spastic character.
  21. Aladdin
    "A Whole New World" was the "Let It Go" of my second grade year. I was OBSESSED!
  22. Hocus Pocus
    Everything about this was just 💯.
  23. The Secret Garden
    Another movie adaptation of a favorite book. Wanted to relocate to the English moors.
  24. Homeward Bound: An Incredible Journey
    My life plan at this point was to live in a farm house with as many dogs as I could have.
  25. The Little Rascals
    "Dear Darla, I hate your stinkin' guts..."
  26. The Sandlot
    "You're killin' me Smalls!!!"
  27. Annie
    My parents HATED this one.
  28. Grease
    This one too. My mother had the nerve to get me hooked on musicals and then hated every one that didn't star Julie Andrews.
  29. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Being a teenager seemed far off and scary to me, but this movie made it look really fun!
  30. Now and Then
    Came out when I was 10, in perfect time for early adolescence. My friends and I had a lot of notes and questions about this one.