I had one last night and realized how many details I could remember about the events surrounding the first one I had. Memory is a crazy thing.
  1. It was 1991 at my cousin Sara's high school graduation party. I was 6.
  2. I had just finished kindergarten and was spending my first summer home with my teacher dad.
    It meant helping in the garden and trips to the hardware store instead of some kind of summer program with other kids. It was better.
  3. It was fucking humid that summer.
  4. My aunt Maureen was staying with us that week.
    She was cool and single and lived far away. One of my favorite people then and now. This was also the summer before she had her first child.
  5. Maureen let me pick out a set of neon Crayolas on a trip to the drug store.
    It was 1991, you can imagine how amazing I thought these were.
  6. I was excited to show them to my Kindergarten BFFs, Brandon and Kevin, but kept forgetting I wasn't going to see them for a couple of months.
    Although, I am sure I saw Brandon that summer, he didn't live far. Kevin lived way out in the country somewhere.
  7. I really wanted Maureen to come to the party with us or for me to be able to stay home.
    Neither was going to happen. She was not on the same side of the family and didn't really know my cousin Sara and I was absolutely expected to attend. I loved my cousin, but was anxious about grown-up parties where there would be strangers. Same as now.
  8. My aunt and uncle had an automatic sprinkler system in their yard and I wondered why we didn't have one.
    I was not allowed to run through this one and would do it all the time if we had our own.
  9. My uncle Harry handed me the root beer float just as my mom appeared on the scene.
  10. She ordinarily would have objected, but my uncle Harry is a very good salesman.
  11. He made some kind of a joke and my mom just rolled her eyes.
    She didn't approve, but didn't take it away from me.
  12. It was delicious.
  13. When we got home, my cool, teenaged neighbors were out in their yard and I went over to tell them about my root beer float.
    I was their Molly Vera Thompson. But they were so cool, I always wanted to tell them when I did grown-up type things.