I can do it! I can do it!!
  1. My really killer Spotify playlist!
    My running mix is insanely good. A perfect mix of adolescent faves, cheesy love songs (you want a voice telling you you are beautiful and perfect while you are gross and sweaty), Reggaeton, power ballads, 90's rap and a hell of a lot of Beyonce.
  2. I sleep better.
    An hour at the gym after a day with 3 year olds--I'm dead from 10 pm to 5 am.
  3. I eat better.
    What is it about exercise that make me want to eat kale all the time?
  4. I don't worry as much when I eat garbage
    What's one empanada when I'm running and eating kale all the time?
  5. Helps with anxiety/depression/ADD issues that are extra present this time of year.
    Why am I such a spastic mess in the winter???
  6. Harry Potter on Audible
    Better than music because chapters are longer than songs. I also like listening to books I've read before because I can mentally catch up if I happen to zone out a little. And I am only allowed to listen if I'm working out.
  7. Cute guys.
    My gym has a high quantity. This is a top motivator.
  8. Clothes fit better.
    Moving my favorite bathing suit and really hot (kinda short) dress front and center of my closet. You will look better on me by springtime--you will!!!
  9. I can carry things more easily.
    Stop feeling sorry for myself for not having a boyfriend to help carry my groceries, 'cause I lift weights and can carry them myself!
  10. Outlet for dealing with frustration and stress.
    And ultimately feels better than a glass of wine.
  11. I can play chasing and running games on the playground with the kiddos without feeling like I'm gonna die.
    Like hell I'm gonna let those little punks be faster than me!
  12. The guy have a crush on and see all the time
    And if he sees me in a cute gym outfit that makes my butt look good, so be it. Stupid, effective.
  13. Invite a friend to go with.
    Usually with a little force and some kicking and screaming, but it makes workouts more fun if we get to gossip and complain about work while we stretch and stuff.
  14. Puts me in a good mood.
    Benefits everyone.✌