1. Finally!
  2. I went for a walk.
  3. Other people were out too. Lots of kids (very big and very small) enjoying the weather. Accessorizing snowmen with garbage, like true city kids.
  4. Some people ignored the ban on nonemergency vehicles and got stuck. I think my on-call doctor friend will be busy tonight.
  5. It looks pretty dead, but moments later, a handful of women emerged with Macy's bags. I admire their ability to completely ignore 20+" of snow with wind. Also am impressed with the trust they have in the MTA.
  6. I love days like this.
  7. At least in January and on a day I don't really have to do anything or be anywhere.
  8. Snow's a good excuse for a doughnut right? Yep, that's what I thought too. Back inside!
  9. Enjoy the blizzard East Coasters! Stay safe!