1. My roommate, because he's been shirking his responsibilities and knows I'm pissed.
    Doesn't show his face in common areas unless I'm in my room with the door shut. Haha! Apartment to myself!
  2. A crazy mother who lied about her child having a serious illness to avoid paying tuition.
    We know she lied because her child was enrolled in a neighboring school immediately afterwards. I saw her at the park last week and the child said, "Look mama, my teacher!" I waved at the kid and the mother made a beeline for the other side of the park, pretending I didn't exist.
  3. A mother who bailed on a twenty hour a week, summer long babysitting job the day I was supposed to start.
    She lives on the same block as my job and has changed walking directions to avoid me. I don't want to talk to her either, but I hope she's uncomfortable.
  4. My bosses. They messed up my insurance and lied to avoid taking responsibility.
    They can't hide from me, I know where to find them.