It's been gorgeous and perfect for walking around.
  1. The Strand
    Sold some books. Took store credit like the junkie I am.
  2. The Bean
    Sat and read for a long time. Latte was fine, donut from Dough was incredible.
  3. The Rubin Museum
    Was pulled into a tour and highly suggest you try to join one if you go. Beautiful place. Learned a lot of things I didn't know about Buddhism.
  4. Housing Works Thrift Shop
    Bought a really nice sauce pan for $6.
  5. Books of Wonder
    They were having a sidewalk sale and I found a set of picture cards I can use with my students.
  6. Union Square Farmer's Market
    Should I buy a basil plant for my apartment? Will I kill it?
  7. Hale and Hearty
    Had kale and sweet potato chowder. 👍
  8. Dunkin Donuts
  9. The Museum of the Moving Image
    Stared at a first draft of a Seinfeld script written in a spiral bound notebook by Larry David—woah! Also, lots of cool stuff on their fall calendar, will be back soon!
  10. Starbucks
    Coffee and pumpkin scone. Yay for pumpkin stuff being available again!
  11. Astoria Bookshop
    Love this place! I hope it has babies, there is a major lack of bookstores in this borough! Bought two books.
  12. Salvation Army
    Went in to look for more kitchen stuff, came out with more books. 🙄
  13. Met Foods
    Groceries. I'm supposed to be panicking about the hurricane. I'm not, but I won't be lying to my mom when she asks me if I've stocked the kitchen.