This will be extremely difficult to write without being able to save a draft. 😒
  1. This has been one of the most difficult years of my life.
  2. My job was so intense last spring that I was having residual anxiety from it into the fall.
    Everyone kept saying PTSD. I thought that seemed extreme, but it's probably pretty accurate.
  3. My roommate situation has gotten to the point that I dread going home.
  4. My two best New York friends both relocated to other cities and it got very lonely here.
    I do have other friends, but I saw those two all of the time. They're like sisters to me.
  5. Single as fuck.
  6. But the outlook is getting better...
  7. I told my job I'm not coming back next year.
  8. I don't give a fuck about work right now, which is liberating.
    I'm just playing and having fun with my students. Fancy that.
  9. I'm thinking about possible career changes that would mean going back to school.
  10. I've always known I would need to get a Master's, but this is the first time in five years that I've been able to think about that positively.
    No anxiety or dread, just excitement! Okay, maybe a little anxiety, but I think it's the good kind.
  11. My lease is up in June and I'm not looking back!!
  12. My friend introduced me to a friend of hers. He's very nice. 😊