1. New release hardcover from a favorite author.
  2. Anything from L'Occitane
    Everything from here is so good that you won't even blink at dropping $30 on shower oil. I allow myself in here about once a year.
  3. Friday night happy hour
    This typically includes nachos and sangria, so it's a dietary and financial splurge.
  4. Trip to the movies on a rainy day, complete with snacks.
    Movie tickets in NYC are $16 and a popcorn and soda can set you back almost $20. 😖 But it is a really fun thing to do anyway.
  5. Sunday night Seamless
    Usually after a major grocery run that has left me too exhausted to cook anything.
  6. Uber
    Necessary if it's late and you're drunk and it's going to take you more than an hour to take public transit. A splurge if it's before 10 p.m. and you're not that far from home, just too tired to deal.
  7. Basically any trip to @strandbookstore
    The last thing I NEED is more books taking up space in my apartment. I just don't care.