1. Take care of yourself
    My mom spent thirty years as a social worker in the mental health field. It was a really hard job, but she made sure her own mental health came first. Long walks and yoga!
  2. Save your money
    Still working on this, but she's in my head (judging) when I'm about to impulsively buy something stupid.
  3. Dream big
    My mom has always been the biggest supporter of me having adventures. Mostly because she knows I wouldn't listen anyway, but I appreciate her making it easier for me.
  4. Enjoy the here and now
    Deep, happy sighs on nature walks or in front of a campfire. She lets herself relax and enjoy things in a way that I have never been able to.
  5. Keep things simple
    "You don't need that." "What!? No, that is too much messing around."
  6. Calm down
    I'm anxious and worry a lot. She's always a sympathetic, reassuring ear when I'm losing it.
  7. Be yourself
    Always encouraged my creativity, imagination and weirdness. Has told me multiple times as an adult that she was overjoyed that I wasn't a jock—but still came to all of my home games for that miserable season I played soccer.