Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Set up by a co-worker and her husband.
    Who revealed themselves to be pretty crazy just a few months later.
  2. Showed up with a dozen red roses. On a first date.
    I've gotten a lot of shit from friends about this. But it is CREEPY and super forward for a first date.
  3. Called my career "cute".
  4. I told him that one of the things I liked best about my job was working with new English speakers and that I was so grateful for the diversity at my school. He made a face and told me I could make more money on Long Island.
  5. Took me to Times Square.
    Hell on earth, but the only part of the city that he knew and it didn't occur to him to ask the person on the date who had lived there for 8+ years.
  6. Took me to a bad restaurant adjacent to Times Square.
    Again, just ASK.
  7. Complained about his best friend's fiancé all night.
    He didn't like how she monopolized his friend's time. Also, didn't like that the girl traveled alone all the time.
  8. Complained about his older sister a lot too.
    Apparently she was very free spirited and didn't abide by his mommy's wishes. He was 29 and still lived at home. Still, as in, not a transition, he never left.
  9. I asked if he liked to travel, he said he did, his family went to Disney World every year.
    Flying to Florida once a year wasn't what I meant by travel.
  10. Kept saying stupid stuff about Obama.
    He shouldn't have to pay for poor people's health care.
  11. Complained about the noise, smell, traffic of the city all night and kept telling me to move to Long Island.
    But I was not the dummy who insisted on going to Times Square on a date.
  12. We hung out at Toys R Us because his biggest hobby was collecting action figures.
    Action figures? Fine. Everyone has a hobby. But he still lived with his parents. If you are a grown adult, with a real job, why are you spending your money on toys and not rent? And groceries? And why the hell would you bring a date to Toys R Us?
  13. "The Beatles should have done more with their fame."
    This is when I stopped changing the subject whenever he said something dumb and started arguing with him. Dumbass.
  14. At the end of the night, the train kept stalling. What should have been 20 mins of awkwardness was nearly an hour.
    He had driven from Long Island and parked near my place, so there was no ditching him 'til I was home. Ugh!
  15. I told all this to my co-worker on Monday and was told I was "being too picky".
    I found out about some very strange, manipulative and cruel behavior between this co-worker and her husband not long after. Lesson learned, it's okay to be picky.