1. Receptionist is talking about patients loudly, freely rolling her eyes.
  2. Receptionist calling names too quietly.
    Rolling her eyes when people ask for clarification.
  3. Nurse calling names too quietly.
    Eliciting hand gestures from patients to figure it out, because the nurse is avoiding all eye contact.
  4. Receptionist and nurse have their iPhones glued to their palms.
    God forbid work gets in the way of Facebook.
  5. Very loud televangelist on TV.
    Lots of denouncing Satan.
  6. Receptionist is bag shopping online.
    Telling everyone how hard she works and how much she deserves expensive things. Clearly.
  7. Me listing during a break from online doctor searches.
    I am NOT doing this again.
  8. 45 minute wait (and counting)
  9. Called people with later appointments in before me.