1. Two bags of Cafe Bustello Coffee
    Cheap, good. I double purchase to provide coffee security for my mornings.
  2. Wasabi almonds
  3. Pistachios
  4. Dried mango
  5. Dried cherries
  6. Black beans
  7. Spinach
    I will cook this with eggs or beans. Kale is better for such things, but no kale. 😕
  8. Greek yogurt (big container)
  9. Siggi yogurt (four little containers)
  10. String cheese
    Family size pack. I was so hungry while shopping.
  11. Eggs
    Broke at least one on the way home.
  12. Clementines
    We're almost to good citrus season!
  13. Three pairs of knit gloves
    On sale. 3 for $9. Good deal as I am constantly losing gloves. I will stuff them in every bag and jacket pocket I have this winter. I'm sure there will only be one and half pairs left by February.
  14. Sabra Olive Tapanade hummus
  15. Baby carrots
    For hummus.
  16. Archer Farms fresh salsa
    For eggs.
  17. Some kind of Chex Mix with peanut butter, chocolate and powdered sugar.
    We call this Puppy Chow in Minnesota, don't remember what Chex calls their version.