In honor of Father's Day. ❤️
  1. The weather.
    The cold, the snow, the heat, the rain, the lack of rain, the potential for flooding etc. Always leading to a rant on global warming.
  2. The Minnesota Vikings
    SKOL! His devotion to this team is intense and very sweet. I do not share his enthusiasm, but I support it!
  3. Golf
    Can't even pretend to care.
  4. The Minnesota Twins
    And how they're not worth the attention. This is a bummer, I actually like baseball.
  5. The neighbors and their lawns.
    Especially how much or little they mow.
  6. The neighbor kids.
    Their lack of respect and the volume of their voices.
  7. Animals that are making his life difficult.
    Squirrels, snakes, rabbits, deer, woodchucks, bats, gophers, skunks, the neighbor's cat, etc. There is constantly some kind of animal invading his space and torturing him.
  8. What time of day the mailman or paperboy are coming these days.
    I think he stopped getting the paper during the week because the kid was coming after 6 a.m. and what's the point then?
  9. The Meat Raffle at the local American Legion
    He's a frequent pork chop winner.
  10. How much he paid to see famous bands in the '60s and '70s.
    "I paid four dollars to see the Stones! Of course that's when cigarettes were less than a dollar! I quit smoking when they got to be a dollar a pack."
  11. How crops are doing this year.
    Not a farmer, this is just a thing people do in rural Minnesota.
  12. Small town gossip.
    My best friend and mom are better sources, but he's no slouch. He also runs in different circles and can provide fresh info sometimes.
  13. Liberal conspiracies
    Oh yeah, the government definitely has it out for us. There is no topic of conversation that won't lead him to a rant about Big Brother. Seriously.
  14. How much he hates Wal-Mart.
    On principle. Agreed.
  15. What he scored at the farmer's market.
    How much he paid for it and what he's going to do with it.
  16. Art
    He was an elementary school art teacher for thirty years and is an artist himself. He's a great museum buddy.
  17. What he's watching on Netflix.
    Must be good to be retired, I can't believe all the stuff he has time to watch!
  18. His garden and how great it's doing.
    Especially considering the deer/rabbits/woodchucks.
  19. Music
    My dad has excellent taste that overlaps a lot with mine. I've probably gone to more live shows with him than anyone else. ❤️
  20. A little crazy, but he's mine and I love him. 😊