1. First day of period.
    No gory details, but I do not feel good.
  2. Second day of horrendous cold.
    Again, details are gross, but I do not feel good.
  3. No more than five hours of sleep because of those two things.
    And they were not consecutive.
  4. I either have a low grade fever or feel like I do because of the crazy heat in my building.
    I often feel slightly feverish early on in my period. Is this normal??
  5. No good breakfast food.
    I had some cashews , an apple and coffee.
  6. Lunch meeting that cannot be rescheduled.
    This is necessary and will be fine, but I'd rather be in bed.
  7. Baby-sitting tonight.
    This family asked me over a month ago, I would have to be on my death bed to cancel.
  8. Have to do some holiday shopping in between meeting and babysitting job, but won't have enough time to shop anywhere cool. And weekend/holiday crowds! 😰
    Stuck to boring mall-type stores on the UES. Is there a list of cool stores there? Hmmmm...
  9. The MTA.
    Will probably be late to the things I don't want to go to today.
  10. Classroom newsletter due tonight.
    My ed. director is the only person who cares about this newsletter and makes it seem like 80% of her job is making sure I get it done by Saturday night. The later I turn it in is directly related to how I'm feeling about my administration at the time.
  11. Unit plan due on Monday.
    Mostly done, but don't really want to spend time finishing it.
  12. Lots of laundry, zero time.
    Drop off laundry service will save the day again.
  13. Realized that I absolutely have to go into work early on Monday because I am 100% sure my assistant teacher did nothing that she was asked to do to help prepare for the party we are having on Monday.
  14. Left headphones at home.