1. Lots and lots coffee.
  2. "I'm having a baby sister too. She's coming in an egg. My mommy and daddy don't know yet."
  3. Gerald and Piggie
    We're in serious Mo Willems love in my class right now. These two are hilarious and are great at facing pre-school dilemmas. I'm usually laughing harder than the kids.
  4. Girl Scout cookies in the office.
  5. Spontaneous Monday coffee date with a good work friend who usually does not have the same lunch break as me.
  6. Seeing the same cute guy in the pizza place near school for the third time.
    And finding out he's a math teacher at the middle school nearby, just my type. Is this the beginning of my romantic comedy?
  7. Student singing "Take Me Home, Country Roads" to one of the baby dolls.
    And again during naptime, and again on the playground.
  8. "Hey, are you losing weight?" From a co-worker.
    Nope, but keep talking!
  9. A student dealing with some major emotional and psychological issues discovered "A Book With No Pictures" ("You HAVE to read ALL the words, Ms. Christine, ALL of them!") and @bjnovak bought me a rare ten minutes of peace and calm with this kid.
    After the ten minutes were up, he threw something at an administrator's head, but ten minutes are ten minutes!
  10. I realized that my next unit plan will be the last for the school year!! 🙌
  11. "I want to be a robot when I grow up."
  12. Administrator who sends the most useless emails of all the useless emails had to clean up pee.
    And she complained about it for a couple of days, which made me even more grateful that she had to do it at all.
  13. We are in the single digits on the Spring Break countdown!
  14. My students pretended to be pregnant in the dramatic area all week.
    And gave birth to beautiful babies, grouchy monsters and toy trucks.
  15. My cousin had a real, human baby and he's really, really cute!
    Babies in my family are always exceptionally adorable, but it still deserves pointing out.
  16. Friday Happy Hour with two of the best people on the planet.
  17. Getting a text of a colorful cocktail from my childhood friend at the same time I was having one.
    It was almost like getting to have happy hour together!!! ❤️
  18. Waking up just now, panicked about my lesson plans and realizing that tomorrow's Saturday.