The only list worth anything in the 21st century. This is terrible.
  1. 🙃
    Upside down smiley man is a very strong choice to use when you're running low on fucks but still need to remain polite in your work group on Whatsapp.
  2. 🐣
    Sarcastic little birdie is a good option if you need time to think up a good come back to Clive better than 'Stop being a 🍆 Clive.'
  3. 💃🏽
    Do you like dancing? Everyone likes dancing. The dancing lady has flamencoed her way right into this list.
  4. 🐍
    Are you or your friend acting like a scumbag? Are you in a room full of slimy cockroaches & need to express it on the dl? Hissy snake is a legit solution to most of your problems.
  5. 🃏
    WILDCARD. Once a year you might need a friend to go out 💃🏽/🍻 even though they have work early the next morning. This can be used annually but beware, it cuts both ways.
  6. 👥
    Help I'm being haunted by the shadow man.
  7. 📅
    Literally only useful one day a year but its audacity should be applauded.
  8. 🌚
    How most of us feel every day.