There are many great things about this city. These are the things that really turn me on.
  1. The Russian Turkish Baths - This is the beating heart of city; an ancient and analog experience that is hard to come by these days.
  2. The Brindle Room Cheeseburger - I could try to describe this food item, but I will just say this. Hyperbole intended; it is the best cheeseburger I have ever tasted.
  3. The 5000 Jazz Assassins - A 40's riverboat pop trio. They romantically and melodically encapsulate the Brooklyn esthetic, whilst remaining true to a bygone era of entertainment.
  4. Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden - stepping into the courtyard means leaving NYC. A little escape.
  5. Rockwood Music Hall - Never a bad show.
  6. Harry and Ida's Meat & Supply Co. - a vintage package store that specializes in smoked meats and pickled goods. They have the BEST pastrami sandwich you will ever put in your mouth.
  7. Sushi Yasaka - There are plenty of fancy pants fish spots and I've tried most of them, but this out-of-the-way basement joint on 72nd street has a sushi bar omakase that tops them all.
  8. Gasoline Alley - they treat the bean tenderly. A superior cup of coffee. I'll go several subway stops out of the way to swing by this spot on Lafayette near Houston.
  9. The Puck Fair Roundtable - This large round table tucked in the back of a dimly lit pub is the perfect spot for a romantic evening with your 10 closest friends.
  10. Salumeri Rosi - Everything at this place is great, but the 24 month aged prosciutto HAS to be in your mouth.