Saw someone post "Your 12 Most Recent Emojis describe each month of next year" on another social media site. Obvi I had to make it a real List. #legit #ListApp #CrossSocialMediaCommentary
  1. January 🎈
    Filled with celebration. Mostly my g/f's birthday party that will be a 'Disney Channel Original Movie' themed costume party. So excited.
  2. February ❤️
    Coincidentally aligning to Valentine's Day, but I'd like to imagine it is related to playing cards. What month is WSOP?
  3. March 💯
    I can't prove it, but I think in 2016, 10 days will be added to the month of March. If that is the case, by the end of the month there will have been 100 days in the year so far.
  4. April 😁
    My face when people get April Fools pranked
  5. May 😂
    802e084c 9b28 4daa a4f7 0535529a6bc8
    My face when I see this picture posted every year
  6. June 🔥
    I will be severely burned by the summer sun. #thestruggleisreal #thestruggleisglobalwarming #theglobalwarmingisreal
  7. July 🍪
    In the month of our most patriotic holiday, what is more American than chocolate chip cookies? Don't bother answering that. Whatever it is, it's not as good as cookies.
  8. August ⬇️
    Either: (1) the temperature will begin to drop here, (2) I will move to Australia, or (3) I will remember why this down arrow is in my 12 most recent emojis.
  9. September 😢
    In what scientists will deem "Greendhog's Day" I will go to sleep and become trapped in a paradox sleeping through this month over and over again...and September will never end.
  10. October 🙃
    Great inspiration for my upcoming Halloween costume. Though, to be fair, the costume planning began on November 1st of this year, so I could be off.
  11. November 🙁
    How I will wake up the morning after Halloween; costume slightly rearranged and mixed up from the previous night.
  12. December 🍅
    A year from now, someone else's Fairy Godmother will transform me into a large tomato carriage until midnight.