An Actual Conversation I Had With My Girlfriend Tonight

Watching ABC's "The Muppets" with @cfost
  1. Back story
    I have previously (maybe a year ago) shown her a picture from with 2 pictures of Dave Grohl that said "the lead singer from Foo Fighters" Totally Looks Like "the drummer from Nirvana" and she didn't laugh. It was because she had no idea who Dave Grohl was and claims to have never seen a picture of him until then.
  2. *Dave Grohl appears and, along with Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem, starts playing "Learn to Fly"
    I start humming along to the tune.
  3. "You know this song?"
  4. "Like this is a popular song that people know?"
    "Yes. It's the Foo Fighters. That is Dave Grohl. Do you know who Dave Grohl is?"
  5. "I have seen a picture of him once that you showed me a year ago."
  6. *At the end, Dave Grohl and Animal have a drum battle
  7. "He is a drummer? ...but he is the lead singer of Foo Fighters?
    "Do you know what Nirvana is?"
  8. "I know it's a band."
    "Do you know who Kurt Cobain is?"
  9. "Yea. Isn't he dead?"
    Yes. He was the lead singer of Nirvana. Dave Grohl was the drummer."
  10. "He jumped a motorcycle over some flaming cars, right? That's Kurt Cobain?"
    ..... *hysterical laughter* "What?"
  11. "Isn't that how he died?"
    *more laughter* "Are you talking about ....Evel Knievel?"
  12. "Yes! Him! I think I thought they were the same person." *laughter*
    "Evel Knievel is the most famous stuntman of all time. And you thought he and Kurt Cobain were the same person?"
  13. "Yes." *more laughter*
    "Kurt Cobain was married to Courtney Love."
  14. "I thought Courtney Love was married to that stuntman."
    "This just keeps going."
  15. Please don't be mistaken, my girlfriend is brilliant. But this happened and I needed to tell the world.