Inspired by @nikkilounoel
  1. "Mmmm... quite"
    Said in contemplative agreement
  2. "Duh and/or obviously"
    This one I've recently been using a lot, which is a take on a recurring "Archer" quote
  3. (Said with a high-pitched inflection at the end) "I meeeean"
    Used (1) in place of acknowledging that something is true or (2) when skeptical that something is going to work
  4. "You triflin' ass hoe"
    Rated R toy
  5. "Hella"
    Hella Vegas kids say hella
  6. "See what had happened was"
    I went to school with a bunch of super white people in the Midwest, some of whom thought I invented this phrase
    From the "All That" librarian sketch; because this keeps coming up in my life lately
  8. "You know what it is, bitch!"
    From the "It's Always Sunny" episode The Nightman Cometh, when Dennis (as Dayman) pulls out a gun and Frank (as Troll) says "what the hell is that?"