The Best Halloween Costumes for Grown Men With Blonde Hair

  1. Peter Pan from "Peter Pan"
    (1) green tights, (2) oversized green shirt with edges cut up, (3) green hat with red feather, (4) gaudy brown belt, (5) the ability to strike killer poses
  2. Dexter from "Dexter"
    (1) boots, (2) dark, earth-tone pants, (3) dark, earth-tone, long-sleeve shirt, (4) food injector as a syringe, (5) blank stare
  3. Jax Teller from "Sons of Anarchy"
    (1) all white shoes, (2) blue jeans with chain wallet, (3) white T, (4) black vest and a whole lot of arts and crafts skills, (5) candy cigarettes, (6) $10 biker sunglasses on FX website
  4. Star-Lord from "Guardians of the Galaxy"
    (1) black pants, (2) dark blue, long-sleeve shirt, (3) dark red leather jacket, (4) cheap plastic Iron Man mask with red lenses from hippie glasses and Crayola 24-hour-dry modeling clay
  5. To be continued