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  1. Words that sound like exactly what they describe, but I don't think are necessarily onomatopoeia
    Crisp... Um... Crunch... There are definitely others, but those are two of them.
  2. When I'm watching, like, a how-to video on YouTube and the person in the video talks very calmly and quietly and soothingly
    I guess this also applies to real life, but it's, like, when someone's explaining something while they're doing something and their voice starts to trail and they pause between each word at the end of the sentence. Like, they'll be like, "And I'll draw the nose right... Over... Heeeeere..." You know?
  3. The word "scrapbook"
    "Take a look at my scrapbook," you might say, as I respond, "No, thanks. I'm not into that, but I do like that word. Scrap. Book."
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I actually hate watching movies and have very little patience for them, but sometimes I see a movie and think, "Oh, I guess I kind of liked that," and then proceed to watch them many times despite their typically low IMDb ratings. So these are eight of those movies because I honestly just have a hard time remembering what else I like.
  1. Murder by Death (1976)
    I like pretty much everything about this movie except the blatant racism.
  2. Empire Records (1994)
    While admittedly some parts of the acting are a little iffy and the officially released soundtrack isn't as good as the actual movie suggests, and I forget Rex Manning Day every year, this is one of the most enjoyably feel-good (for the most part) '90s movies I've ever watched, and I'm all for that brief Queen Sarah Saturday dance montage.
  3. Titus (1999)
    This movie is, like, two-and-a-half hours long, so even I am amazed that I like it, but I had to watch it in high school while we also read the entire play in my English class, and it gets very intense. I also like that weird '90s trend of putting modern day things in Shakespeare adaptations.
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