1. Words that sound like exactly what they describe, but I don't think are necessarily onomatopoeia
    Crisp... Um... Crunch... There are definitely others, but those are two of them.
  2. When I'm watching, like, a how-to video on YouTube and the person in the video talks very calmly and quietly and soothingly
    I guess this also applies to real life, but it's, like, when someone's explaining something while they're doing something and their voice starts to trail and they pause between each word at the end of the sentence. Like, they'll be like, "And I'll draw the nose right... Over... Heeeeere..." You know?
  3. The word "scrapbook"
    "Take a look at my scrapbook," you might say, as I respond, "No, thanks. I'm not into that, but I do like that word. Scrap. Book."
  4. The term "scrap paper"
    Maybe I just like the word scrap.
  5. The term "master post"
    I've only seen the term on Tumblr when people would be like, "Here is my free online college text book master post." It just sounds so caring, like they compiled all of those links just for me and people like me, and gave it the name ''master post,' with its repeated 'st' sound that I almost want someone to just whisper in my ear.
  6. Small baby child hugs
    When I'm at a family event and one of my little cousins comes up and hugs me, it's one of the sweetest things in the world.
  7. Cats chewing on my things
    Admittedly, I don't like having chewed-up things, but it's so adorable I can't help but let them keep chewing for a few minutes.
  8. When usually-rude cats cuddle up on me
    It's nice for the couple minutes it lasts.
  9. When people who don't normally talk to me strike up a nice, friendly conversation with me
    It's one of those things I find myself thinking about all day.
  10. When I like someone's picture on Instagram and they go through all of my pictures and like a bunch of them, too
    It's very kind of them, though maybe a little *too* kind. But who am I to judge?