1. Cheap white wine.
    Not that I'm a snob. I can totally enjoy cheaper red wine, in fact, I have been the last couple of nights. But cheap white wine is just not ok.
  2. Cheap Tea.
    I grew up in India, so I know what good, flavorful tea is. And I'm half English. Which may explain why I used to have half of a cabinet full of tea, back when I had a permanent home. Cheap quality tea is just sad, tasteless, and lifeless to me.
  3. Cheap clothing.
    I'm almost the opposite of a spendthrift, so I don't mean cheap in price, but cheap in quality. I own a white cotton shirt I bought in India a decade ago for under 50cents that I still love and wear. What I can't stand are cheap clothes bought in department stores that are not even made out of textiles, but plastics, and will only last 6 wears & washes. That's just such a waste, and not actually an affordable one - for your wallet or the planet.
  4. Cheap food.
    Similar issue to the clothing. It's food that's cheap in nutritional value (i.e: primary ingredient is high fructose corn syrup), and cheap in price because it is cheap in quality - factory farming, pesticides, antibiotics, etc.- and only cheap in price because it does not account for these "externalities" which do, in fact, take a toll on our health & the planet's.