How I try to live an environmentally conscious daily life
  1. Eating Vegan
    With exceptions - fish once every few months, a non-vegan baked treat once in a while, esp. when I'm an invitee in someone else's home.
  2. Eating local & organic produce
  3. Commuting by cycle
  4. Not buying grocery items unnecessarily wrapped/packed in plastic
  5. Using eco-friendly soaps and detergents
  6. Always running the washing machine on cold (biggest power consumption comes from heating up the water), and line drying.
  7. Buying eco-conscious clothing (i.e. organic natural textiles & dyes)
  8. Turning off lights, etc. to save power + using renewable power sources (solar, wind at my house)
  9. Minimising waste
  10. Recycling, obvi
  11. My achilles heel: Since I live a transnational lifestyle, I do fly.
  12. What are you earthday everday hacks & habits?
  13. I spend a lot of time in nature in awe and appreciation.
    Cultivating connection with Mother Earth on a daily basis is really supportive of being in healthy relationship with her.