Because touch is so precious, healing, sacred, nurturing, and yet we feel uncomfortable touching one another, having lost a lot of those natural attributes of touch to an association with sexual innuendo.
  1. Still and Steady Palm on the Sacrum
    Like someone was tapping into the safest and most soothed part of me.
  2. Pressure of 2-3 fingers on the Third eye
    Like connecting to something undeniably sacred.
  3. Hand or Head on Heart
    Nurturing intimacy and a depth of loving connection.
  4. Soft palm(s) Cheek(s)
    So sweet, loving and caring.
  5. Fingertips rubbing the Temples
    Being taken care of.
  6. Hand caressing Hand
    Just so sweet.
  7. Hands on Feet
    Because the feet also feel so sacred. They are revered as such to this day in many cultures - especially Asian - and something about having our feet touched makes us feel revered to, at some level.