Inspired by @celesteballard and so perfectly seasonal.
  1. Tango
    We had a brief but enthralling vacation love affair and I didn't keep it up. I just bought myself a pair of gorgeous Italian suede professional shoes. I'm committing.
  2. Acroyoga
    I see no point in this other than it looking cool and like everyone is having too much fun to be adults. Hopefully it won't be dangerous and scary beyond the pale of Instagram yogis.
  3. My own home.
    Somewhat fraught as even if I decided on a place to build it (I just moved back to the community I was raised in and dream of building a house on the site I was born - in the midst of what is now my parents' orchard). How lived in it would be is not a given. So being "at home" is still elusive. It's a nice thought. And having an established home base may help with my being away (for many months at a time) feel like just being away and not being ungrounded and on a mission with zero home life?
  4. Let's just say a home life
    You know? Sharing meals with family. Walking the dog. Sitting on furniture I've chosen (or is a hand-me-down). Drinking out of ceramic mugs friends made. Having stuff around that I would not bring with me half way around the world, or stuff that when I do, I realize is out of place, and that makes me keenly aware I'm not home instead of making my new environment homey. Crossing people at the grocery store that I've known my whole life. Popping in to friends' homes for tea. Daily.
  5. Veganism
    For environmental reasons. Except I still would like to eat seafood. What would that make me? A pesky vegan? Anyhow. I'd like to know how to make the really delish vegan things - the cashew cheeses, coconut milk yoghurts, nutty cakes, bean burgers...
  6. Relationship
    Something that's just real. A real simple, real loving, real grounded, really all there meeting of minds, hearts, presence, and life intentions. With respect and appreciation.
  7. Teaching more.
    Just engaging in a shared context - more extroverted and directly, interpersonally relational.
  8. Being more creative.
    Like, actually getting into the habit of getting creative with things. Other than writing. Or thinking.