Literally no one on ListApp will relate to this list. Unless perhaps you, too, grew up in a third world country in Asia
  1. I'm nervous driving my motorbike.
    Wait. This is supposed to be cool and fun and freeing. Also, I've been driving this motorbike since I was 15. The past 7 years in the US I pretended I wasn't comfortable in a car *because* I grew up with motorbikes.
  2. Bug bites bug me!
    Come ON. If you let something that small and inherent to third world living get to you, you are just going to be totally overwhelmed by everything.
  3. I get kind of uncomfortable about having all sorts of animals inside the house.
    Mostly the lizards.
  4. I am outraged at the state of the roads!
    Literally there are more potholes and more uneven ground than level solid stretches of road.
  5. I'm taken aback by how people drive!
    I used to think of it as being in the flow ~
  6. I have snooty standards.
    State-of-the-art, you said? It's rusting.
  7. I can't stand the heat, I can't stand the humidity, I'm so annoyed that I can literally feel sweat dripping down my thighs and I am in a desperate awe at the mold.
    Ok, others admit they are suffering too. It's exceptionally bad right now. 98% humidity at night, 97% in the morning.
  8. Hopefully I'll adjust.
    It's just taking longer than usual.