1. Intimissimi lingerie
    Italian brand of casual lingerie & underwear that's simple, comfortable and elegant, and that's been my pretty much exclusive go-to to since I discovered it. (With the exception of when I'm really wanting to wear lingerie, in which case, being Française, I opt for the French brands.)
  2. Designer swimsuits. No bikinis. Just one-pieces.
    It probably has something to do with living on Maui; bikini shopping has just become boring.
  3. Upasana clothing
    My favorite brand. Based in Auroville, India, and elegantly blending Eastern and Western styles. Organic cottons, exquisite silks and light, pleasant weaves.
  4. Sigal's jewelry. So beautiful, so elegant, and so wearable. And not so expensive.
    Just like Intimissimi - once I found Sigal's jewelry it became my go-to.
  5. Italian high heels. Because every woman should have access to these.
    I've gotten a pair each time I travelled to Italy. But let's face it - that's not very accessible. Although that might be a good thing.
  6. Agua de Flora botanical oil perfumes and mists.
  7. Floracopeia organic and wild-crafted essential oils.
  8. Unique ceramic tea sets and a selection of high quality loose leaf tea.
  9. Paper lampshades. Think simple and elegant Asian aesthetic.
  10. Art. As in paintings/collages and potentially sculptures. Rotating exhibition.
  11. A few big, beautiful, coffee table books. Travel, Art and Design themed.
  12. Fresh Ikebana flower arrangements (for sale).
    Beauty. Elegance. Who doesn't love flowers?
  13. Fresh jasmine at all times (for the store).
    @lilydiamond you feel me?
  14. Someone coming in once a week to offer henna hand tattoos.
    Pretty! Fun!
  15. Lagunitas beer
    I just think it should be available everywhere.
  16. A baby grand piano
    I mean, why not. Just like Lagunitas, there should be pianos everywhere.