My childhood nervous system's playground
  1. The exquisite fragrance of jasmine
  2. The sight (and scents) of the flower market
    Indescribable beauty. Imagine strands upon strands of rose, jasmine, lotuses... Endless colors, huddled together in tightly packed stands as far as the eye can see.
  3. Lorries painted in bright colors, depicting peacocks, flowers, leaves, mandalas...
  4. Mandalas drawn in chalk before every hearth
  5. Ornate henna tattooes on women's hands
  6. Banana leaves as plates
  7. The cloth shop
    Stacks upon stacks of raw silks, saris, velvets, cottons - every cloth known to man in a dazzling variety of colors and patters
  8. Stripping sugar cane with your teeth and chewing it down to the pulp - mouthful after mouthful of fresh sweet juice.
  9. Fresh Sweet, Mango or Rose Lassi
  10. Wild lotuses
  11. The exhilarating sound of monsoonal rain as it rushes towards you
  12. The smell of red clay
  13. Fresh Pepper
    Actually, any fresh spice. They are all stale by the time they get to American stores.
  14. The touch of someone anointing you with damp, colored powder on your third eye
  15. The sound of the tabla (south Indian drum)