Yes, I just moved back home, to the community in India I grew up in (that's another story, which will be the subject of a list requested by the ever insightful @lilydiamond). Took it upon myself to clean out my childhood bedroom and came across these gems.
  1. A birthday card my aunt & uncle wrote me for my 6th birthday.
  2. A medal for a horse competition I participated in in 2000.
  3. China which miraculously survived the test in a child's hands.
  4. A Sanskrit notebook, featuring a mantra that I would later learn to chant in MANY a yoga class.
    Too bad I didn't keep up the script.
  5. A face mask I made and wore to a fire-dancing performance. I was the Sun. My namesake.
  6. Teenage gifts of art made by friends
  7. Lots of modeling pics from my teens. Notably this Levi's brochure my ex-boyfriend and I modeled for.
  8. This crochet heart which is so sweet I've decided to keep by my bedside.
    Must be from France
  9. Family photos I had forgotten about that are timeless classics.
    Featured: vacation in Italy.
  10. Love notes from boys.
    Like, a lot of them. 😳 Some super cheesy, others still heartening and sweet.
  11. Love notes from friends.
    Did you get these too?
  12. One of notes says "Well I have the dream of going to the States together and, believe me, one day WE will PROVE it that dreams are REALITIES!!"
    The rest is history.