My friend @kirasolveig has a gift for asking the most pertinent, deep, and insightful questions. A few months ago she sprung this one on me: "Every generation looks back at the generation that came before, and there's always one thing they condemn them for - a 'how could you have let that happen?' What do you think will be ours?" Our nominations:
  1. Immigration
    This is my #1. The fact that thousands of people die on unmanned ships crossing the Meditteranean to reach the countries that once colonized and underdeveloped theirs must be reckoned with at some point soon. We're talking life and death here. Not to mention the millions of illegal Mexican immigrants who live dismal lives while acting as the cogs of the wheel of the American economy (agricultural at least), just because they are are not of the 'elite' nationality.
  2. Gender inequality
    This was Kira's #1. (Yes, she was a women's studies major). And she wasn't just talking about the Middle East, but right at home in the American workplace.
  3. Capitalism
    I love my entrepreneur friend Matteo that much more for this answer. Talk about a systems-perspective and getting to the root of things.
  4. Climate change
    Ignoring it, defying it, recklessly continuing to throw pollutants in its face. Matteo's wife Gianna is not down with this one, now or another generation down the line.