I think all this can be achieved by waking up earlier, and having a real, Sunday-like stay-at home morning, afternoon, or evening in.
  1. Dry-Brushing
  2. Abhayanga
    Traditional Ayurvedic self oil massage. After dry-brushing, and followed by a rinse. No soap, just water, so that my skin is no longer oily on the surface but still unperturbed from penetrating deeper layers of sebum.
  3. Daily cleansing/exfoliating/moisturizing for my face
  4. Daily meditation
  5. Daily pranayama/breath awareness practice
  6. Ideally, a daily yoga practice
  7. Oil pulling
    Also an Ayurvedic self care ritual, for healthy gums and teeth.
  8. Tongue scraping?
    Haven't tried it yet
  9. Flossing
  10. Oiling my hair once a week
    Yes, it's also an Indian thing.
  11. A restorative yoga pose per day, preferably an inversion.
  12. A restorative yoga practice once a week.
  13. A bath/hot tub/sauna once a week. Even if it's just a footbath!
  14. A massage/acupuncture/facial - some sort of body therapy once a month
  15. Weekly preening
    Because I tend to only pluck my eyebrows, cut my nails etc. only when I notice things starting to get out of control and I'd like to be more intentional about caring for my body.