I *actually* used these to the utter bafflement of friends and family who thought I was at least fluent in English, despite the fact that my parents chose to give birth to and raise me in India.
  1. Tooni
    You know, a washcloth?
  2. Chappals
    You know, my flip-flops (which sounded like such a silly word in comparison! Took me years to start saying "flip-flops")
  3. Mooloo
    You know, that thorn that got planted in my foot while I was gallivanting around the forest with no shoes OBVIOUSLY.
  4. Poochi
    You know, a bug?
  5. Vandi
    You know, a bullock cart? (traditionally - now also used for cars)
  6. Kathi
    Mmmm... Something between a hand saw and a very big knife.
  7. Mumpti
    Mmmm... Something between a pick axe and a shovel.
  8. Ragi
  9. Chello
    This isn't actually Tamil, but one of India's other 44 languages. It means "let's go". On that note,✌🏻️
  10. PS: did you know the "English" word 'catamaran' is actually a Tamil word that was absorbed into the English language, just like pakka and bungalow were from Hindi?