You can do so much better, I promise. These hikes are all dog friendly and on the westside, and can be found on for more details.
  1. Tuna Canyon
    This one is the hardest to get to but the absolute best views of any hike I've done in Los Angeles. In one direction you can see the entire city, and in the other all of Malibu. It's off Topanga Canyon Road.
  2. Corral Canyon
    Right next to Malibu Seafood on the PCH, you get ocean views and a perfect uphill workout the whole time. Easy to find and park. If you want to say fuck it to the calories burned, grab some fish and chips next door when you're done and eat on the beach!
  3. Solstice Canyon
    Right down the road from Corral off PCH, this hike is more of a fun adventure. After hiking the canyon, you arrive at the ruins of 1950s grocery store conglomerate Fred Roberts. It's fun to poke around the old kitchen, statues and try to imagine how it once looked. There's also a small waterfall.
  4. Calabasas Peak
    Off Mullholland Highway, this hike really takes you out of the city-vibe and into a sandstone filled Western movie set. Wide paths and huge rocks are perfect for bouldering- some bigger than my studio apartment so I'm definitely considering moving in.
  5. Westridge Canyonback
    This Brentwood trail is the most populated of the trails I frequent, but compared to Runyon it's deserted. Easy, free parking. Typical fire roads with views of the mountains and the ocean. If you like Runyon, this is the closest feel. Turn onto Mandeville Canyon Road off of Sunset to Westridge.
  6. Franklin Canyon Lake
    This is more of a walk than a hike, but what a hidden GEM in Beverly Hills. I would compare this park most closely to Griffith, with it's various picnic and leisure areas. You can extend and make it more of a hike by veering off on the side trails. But the central scene is a duck pond and turtle/ koi pond. Plus, I saw Jean Claude Van Damme there once doing push ups. Take Beverly all the way up past Sunset until you can't go any further.