92 year old Regina George with a Jessica Lange/ Blanche from Golden Girls twist.
  1. Yes I remember that haircut, I swore your mother was trying to turn you into a lesbian.
  2. Well I dare not say it but I hope they don't have another child, because they have the A.D.D.
  3. But when I first met her your mother ordered a whiskey sour during pre-dinner drinks which is an after dinner drink of course and was really just so dreadful to everyone at the table.
  4. Your mother, doll that she is, can't help it- she's from Oklahoma.
  5. Thank you for the chocolate truffles but you can't have one, I'm old and no man is looking at me but you're beginning to be on a short timeline my dear.
  6. You know I wouldn't mind if I was gone soon- because I don't want to try to make any new friends.