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If there are some that aren't on my list than either: a) I forgot to add a particular comic and I apologize. B) Their comedy is just not to my taste, but I salute anyone who puts themselves out there. Or c) They are dead - a disqualification for this particular list.
  1. Lewis Black
  2. John Oliver
  3. Jon Stewart
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  1. Go to the bathroom before you leave the house
  2. Stand up straight
  3. Never eat in an empty restaurant
  4. Don't say, "Thank you" when someone pays you a compliment. Say, "What a nice thing for you to say". That way you make the complementor feel good and you own whatever it was about you that was complemented.
  1. Boat
  2. Turducken
  3. Beach Flower
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  1. Uphills
  2. Headwinds
  3. Bathroom breaks
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