Assumes you are completely unattached, but I'd love to see a single mom or dad make a version of this list also.
  1. Jump in the pool in your party dress.
    And makeout with the person who jumps in after you.
  2. Eat popsicles for dinner.
    Or cereal
  3. Cancel all your plans for the day.
    Sometimes this just feels so good.
  4. Wear sexy underwear (or no underwear) that's only for you.
    I know this seems out of Cosmo, but seriously it's fun. A secret with yourself.
  5. Go to a movie matinee alone.
    Best on a hot hot day
  6. Stay out all night with people you just met.
    Watching the sunrise makes for fast friends
  7. Get in the car and drive.
    I always end up at the beach in Malibu.
  8. Sleep in the middle of the bed.
  9. Introduce yourself to someone cute at an outdoor concert.
    Live music and night sky makes everyone less inhibited.
  10. Have a sleepover with your besties
  11. Flirt with someone over social media (including List App)
  12. Invent your own yoga positions, and do them naked in your bedroom.
    What? Just me?
  13. Binge watch the original 90210
    (Or you know, whatever show is your secret love)
  14. Pee with the door open.
    While talking on the phone.
  15. Sing loudly to your pet.
    My go-to is "Mr. Cute Stuff" (to the tune of Heavy D's version of Mr. Big Stuff)
  16. Wake up next to someone new.
    And let yourself relax in the unknown of what comes next. The scary goodness of possibility.
  17. Feel lonely sometimes.
    That's ok.
  18. But get help if you need it.
    That's ok too.
  19. Be brave.
    And feel scared.
  20. Tell your friends you love them.
  21. Tell yourself you love you.
    Cheesy, but important
  22. Embrace adventure.
  23. Complain.
    And find friends to commiserate with.
  24. Let go.
  25. And enjoy yourself!
    Because we only get to ride this ride once. (Unless you believe in reincarnation. If you do, I have questions. Let's hang.)
  26. Oh, and wear sunscreen ;)