Marina Abramovic, eat your heart out! (not literally, please)
  1. You, the viewer, are strapped inside an 8x8 box
  2. And hooked up to an IV, as well as a machine that tracks your vital signs.
  3. The box wirelessly connects to your phone.
  4. Every time you get an Instagram "like", a small dosage of dopamine is administered through the IV.
  5. Slowly, oxygen is draining from the box. Every time you get a retweet, it replenishes.
  6. If you get a text from your ex, the box starts to vibrate. At first this turns you on. Then you start to feel nauseous.
  7. With every new pic of a friend's baby on Facebook, the temperature in the box raises 5 degrees.
  8. Your mom Factimes™ you and the air in the box fills with an un-namable, but delicious and familiar scent.
  9. Afterwards you inexplicably start to doubt your "interesting choice" of nail polish. And your choice of life path.
  10. If you stand up to leave the box, you'll notice a countdown clock for the first time. You don't know what it's counting. You sit back down.
  11. Your electric bill auto deducts from your bank account, causing a beautiful pair of shoes to appear behind a glass barrier. To unlock them, you have to cut off a finger. It can be your pinky.
  12. If you call a friend and it goes to voicemail, the box gets really big and you feel very small.
  13. If you get a dating app alert, the box gets really small, and you feel like it might crush you.
  14. As your heart rate increases, a door appears in the wall. You walk through it, but somehow you've walked right back into the box.
  15. If you start to yell, your phone begins playing the ringtone version of Uptown Funk You Up. It is so loud, it drowns out your screams.
  16. When you bang on the box for someone to let you out, a strobe light turns on. I hope you don't have epilepsy! In the distance, you can hear a child crying.
  17. But if you close your eyes and take a breath
  18. When you open your eyes, the box is gone.
  19. This piece is called: Leave Your Phone At Home. It's Sunday.