"The third date is the Goldilocks porridge of dates. Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right." - Rumi (probably)
  1. Hop the fence at the Mulholland Dr. lookout spot, above the Hollywood Bowl.
    If you time it right in the summer, you can catch fireworks at the bowl or at Dodger Stadium on Friday nights. Stay away from the high schoolers drinking forties.
  2. Walk El Matador Beach in Malibu, preferably at sunset.
    This beach is magic. Stop off to get oysters at The Hungry Cat on your way back down PCH.
  3. Take impromptu road trip to Hicksville artist retreat in Joshua Tree.
    Stay overnight in an airstream trailer or teepee. Make friends with delightful weirdos and bon vivants. Pretend you like camping. This third date may technically turn into a fourth date. Go with it. Make mental note to discuss fear of commitment issues with therapist upon return to LA. End up discussing fear of commitment issues with delightful weirdo at 2am, while eating s'mores. (Make mental note to wiki etymology of s'mores.)
  4. Eat beef heart at Bestia and drink whiskey at The Varnish.
    Don't protest if your date wants to get a room with a balcony at The Ace. Well, protest a little bit so as not to seem too eager. But then acquiesce. Because hotel sex is great. And so is room service.
  5. Get an after hours tour of the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena.
    This date requires a rocket scientist. Don't be too upset when he doesn't call you afterwards. He wasn't that smart anyway. Or at least not "people smart". Which you value. Whatever.
  6. Ride the Amtrak "Surfliner" train up the coast.
    Running into a guy you met on Tinder and then once saw at a party may not exactly count as a third date. But love works in mysterious ways.
  7. See a movie at Century City.
    This one was a test to check if you were still reading. Don't have a third date at Century City. LA is overflowing with old movie theaters and outdoor screenings. Try for some romance! Geeze louise.
  8. Bum around a used bookstore or flea market together.
    Buy each other small silly objects, or old books - ideally ones with romantic inscriptions left behind to previous owners. Then get "the early bird special" at a diner and sit amongst elderly couples. They will give you knowing looks when you hold hands with your date, as if they can see into your future. Can they? Nate n' Al's in Beverly Hills is good for this.
  9. Pretend you are in Pretty Woman and fly up to San Francisco to attend the opera (or go to dinner)
    This one is a little ridiculous. No one would actually do this on a third date. Would they? Should we? If you would do this, I'd like to meet you. I'm open to role playing a hooker/billionaire fantasy. Gender roles reversed, obviously.