ListApp hive mind, I trust you on everything. Impart your wisdom please! xo
  1. I'm headed to the Carmel Valley Ranch for a wedding this weekend. What should I do/see while I'm up there?
  2. PS: all I know from searching existing lists is that Carmel is "fancy pants". So I will bring mine :)
  3. Corkscrew Cafe
    Suggested by @lucas
  4. Passionfish
    this is in Monterey but totally worth the drive for an amazing dinner
    Suggested by @lucas
  5. Allegro Pizza
    Suggested by @lucas
  6. Forge in the Forest
    Suggested by @lucas
  7. go to the beach in Carmel
    it's pretty delightful
    Suggested by @lucas
  8. Monterey Bay Aquarium
    if you haven't been it's truly one of the best in the world
    Suggested by @lucas
  9. The Refuge!
    Outdoor deck w/saunas, hot tubs, cold dipping pools and massage. Beautiful and relaxing. Bring a bathing suit. $100/day including massage or $40 just to hang out. Stay as long as you want either way.
    Suggested by @jtotheb
  10. La Bicyclette
    Cute French restaurant in Carmel-by-the-Sea
    Suggested by @libby
  11. @lucas we loved the Aquarium!! Great rec!
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