I confess to these. Please add yours.
  1. Used the airplane socks from a First Class "gift bag" as makeshift gloves while trying to push a car out of the mud in Kentucky.
  2. Egged the house of a TV Network president in the Hollywood Hills.
    (as an adult)
  3. Cut off the string from a free tampon in the ladies room at The Pierre hotel in NYC and used it to tie together a broken dress strap.
  4. Tasted a "human grade" vegan dog treat, out of curiosity.
    Verdict: hard and bland
  5. Wore earrings from Forever 21 with an inherited necklace from Cartier.
  6. Once received beluga caviar as a gift and used it as a pizza topping.
    Suggested by @NancyMiller
  7. Constantly put truffle oil in my easy mac
    Suggested by @sally