1. I drive a clean diesel wagon, but can parallel park it like a motherfucker.
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    (Not touching)
  2. I went to Dunkin' Donuts the week it opened in Santa Monica, but argued about whether to take the freeway or surface streets home.
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  3. I don't mind when Mammoth is icy.
  4. I've voted in LA since 2005, but am still rocking a 617 cell number.
    And like when people comment on it.
  5. I roll my eyes when ordering at Cafe Gratitude, but still eat at Cafe Gratitude.
  6. I don't think New York is the center of the world.
  7. I believe in manners and thank you notes, but also that everyone is welcome and the more the merrier!
  8. I sound like a Cali native when talking about Little Dume, but my Boston accent comes out wicked hard when I get mad.
  9. I was a little sad when Tom Brady and Giselle sold their house in Brentwood, but don't get me started on the BS of "deflate-gate"
  10. I value historical preservation, but also the whimsy of everyone getting to build their dream house (regardless of what their neighbor's looks like)
  11. I deeply miss my East Coast family, but love my self-made West Coast one.
    The Bostonian in me thinks this is cheesy to put in writing, but my inner-Angeleno feels sharing is beautiful. Either way, it's true.