For back story, please see previous list. Thanks for the fun request, @mandi!
  1. Don't mix up Stanislav and Stanlislaus. It may be deadly.
  2. A hairpin can always be used as a weapon.
  3. A poison syringe can always be used as a hairpin.
  4. The Cold War is not a euphemism. Bring a coat.
  5. When sleeping with the enemy, never kiss on the mouth.
  6. Vodka can help get out a red wine stain, in a pinch.
  7. научиться говорить России
  8. Insist that Angelina Jolie play you in the movie version. If you don't, you'll be stuck with Ashley Judd.
  9. Don't wear Red in the wrong gang territory.
  10. Do bring borscht as a hostess gift.
  11. Little known fact - Tolstoy's original draft was War and Peas: Cooking Farm to Table.
  12. When in doubt: puppies!
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  13. Oh! And always get paid up front in American dollars 💵.