1. A clawfoot bathtub
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  2. A greenhouse off the kitchen, with a long wooden dining table
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  3. Two ovens (plus a pizza oven outside)
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  4. A screening room with 35mm
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  5. And an outdoor projector
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  6. A trampoline
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  7. Fruit trees
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  8. A fireplace in the family room
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  9. At least one whole wall lined with bookshelves
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  10. Morning sunlight
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  11. Big windows to let in the western breeze
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  12. Funky vintage wallpaper in the downstairs guest bathroom
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  13. A hidden reading nook
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  14. A tree swing
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  15. A piano
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  16. Fresh lilacs everywhere
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  17. A detached art studio
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  18. The comfiest beds
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  19. The sound of children playing
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  20. His and her closets
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  21. A vintage Porsche in the driveway
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  22. A good view of the water
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  23. And the best view of the night sky
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