My Grandparents, on the Anniversary of Their Death

My amazing grandparents, Charlotte and Jules, were killed by a reckless driver almost 3 years ago, a week before their 90th birthdays. I've been looking at old photos this morning, so here's a list about them...
  1. They met on the boardwalk in Far Rockaway, NY
    "I'd never pushed my friend harder... towards the other girl."
  2. My grandmother was wearing a yellow bathing suit with a black palm tree on it.
  3. She was 4 days older than my grandfather, but always lied in public and said she was younger.
    Even when they were in their 80s
  4. The appetizers at their wedding were olives and cocktail pickles.
  5. My grandfather was the first person in his immediate family to graduate high school and go to college.
  6. He went on to start his own company that now has offices around the world.
  7. My grandmother would have been a tremendous CEO, "had times been different."
  8. They raised 3 children in a tiny house in Flushing, Queens
  9. In their 60s, they traveled the world.
  10. At home, they slept next to each other in a double bed for almost 70 years.
  11. They buried a child, which no parent should have to do.
  12. They were strong, and they were vulnerable.
  13. My grandmother was a force.
    She was a woman very much of her era, but also ahead of her time.
  14. My grandfather was the person everyone went to for advice.
  15. They had lifelong friends.
  16. My grandmother did pilates every single day
  17. My grandfather paid all his bills online.
  18. My grandmother made terrible matzo balls, but knew how to throw a party.
  19. They both drank a glass of whiskey on the rocks at 5pm
  20. They liked to hold hands.
  21. They were 89 years young.
    I know people say, "well, they lived long lives." And it's true. But it still felt like they had so much more to do.
  22. Two coffins side by side is a heartbreaking thing to see. But we couldn't help a small smile, because in a sense it was very them; so efficient!
  23. The way they died was incredibly sad.
  24. But the way they lived was full, and generous, and sharp, and filled with joy.
  25. I loved them very much