My amazing grandparents, Charlotte and Jules, were killed by a reckless driver almost 3 years ago, a week before their 90th birthdays. I've been looking at old photos this morning, so here's a list about them...
  1. They met on the boardwalk in Far Rockaway, NY
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    "I'd never pushed my friend harder... towards the other girl."
  2. My grandmother was wearing a yellow bathing suit with a black palm tree on it.
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  3. She was 4 days older than my grandfather, but always lied in public and said she was younger.
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    Even when they were in their 80s
  4. The appetizers at their wedding were olives and cocktail pickles.
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  5. My grandfather was the first person in his immediate family to graduate high school and go to college.
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  6. He went on to start his own company that now has offices around the world.
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  7. My grandmother would have been a tremendous CEO, "had times been different."
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  8. They raised 3 children in a tiny house in Flushing, Queens
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  9. In their 60s, they traveled the world.
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  10. At home, they slept next to each other in a double bed for almost 70 years.
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  11. They buried a child, which no parent should have to do.
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  12. They were strong, and they were vulnerable.
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  13. My grandmother was a force.
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    She was a woman very much of her era, but also ahead of her time.
  14. My grandfather was the person everyone went to for advice.
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  15. They had lifelong friends.
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  16. My grandmother did pilates every single day
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  17. My grandfather paid all his bills online.
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  18. My grandmother made terrible matzo balls, but knew how to throw a party.
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  19. They both drank a glass of whiskey on the rocks at 5pm
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  20. They liked to hold hands.
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  21. They were 89 years young.
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    I know people say, "well, they lived long lives." And it's true. But it still felt like they had so much more to do.
  22. Two coffins side by side is a heartbreaking thing to see. But we couldn't help a small smile, because in a sense it was very them; so efficient!
  23. The way they died was incredibly sad.
  24. But the way they lived was full, and generous, and sharp, and filled with joy.
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  25. I loved them very much
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