Most of these work. You're welcome.
  1. Making eye contact across a crowded party, smiling, and mouthing "hi"
  2. Grabbing his arm excitedly in conversation and leaving my hand there a beat too long
    A classic
  3. Becoming friends for several years and then sleeping together one drunken night
    Dating experts call this "the long game."
  4. Being the single bridesmaid at the wedding
    The short game
  5. Continuing to sleep together after a breakup
    Feminists have a name for this move, but I can't remember it right now
  6. Leaving a trail of bread crumbs
    Sexy gluten 💯
  7. Kidnapping him
    This is an advanced move
  8. Not kidnapping him
    Make him wonder why you didn't kidnap him. He'll become insecure. Is he not desirable? Is he not worthy of being tied up? His self esteem will plummet. Soon he'll be eating out... of your hand. 👋
  9. Smelling really good
  10. Wearing overalls and glasses... and then taking them off
  11. Wearing panties... and then taking them off... and then putting them back on
    Keep him guessing.
  12. Puns
  13. Blowjobs
  14. Vision boarding
  15. Asking him out
  16. Never putting baby in a corner