As requested, @lenadunham! Jazz is vast. There's so much to know about it - historically and musically - and I know very little. These are just some songs I like, and memories of listening to them. Spotify playlist at bottom. Plus other List Appers suggestions!
  1. "Central Park West" - John Coltrane
    Watching my grandparents slow dance.
  2. "God Bless The Child"- Billie Holiday
    Cooking dinner after midnight.
  3. "Djangology" - Django Reinhardt
    Sunbathing atop a tiny boat with my cousins in southern France. An old radio. Nose freckles.
  4. "Moanin'" - Art Blakey (composed by Bobby Timmons)
    Riding the Chinatown bus from Boston to New York.
  5. "West End Blues" - Louis Armstrong (composed by King Oliver)
    Eating fried oysters with brie. [don't get hung up on blues in the title]
  6. "Ramblin'" - Ornette Coleman
    Listening to records with friends last night.
  7. "Compared To What" - Roberta Flack (composed by Gene McDaniels)
    Heat wave in New Haven, Connecticut. Summer of 2002.
  8. "A Night In Tunisia" - Charlie Parker (written by Dizzy Gillespie)
    Walking around crowded Central Park. Earbuds in.
  9. "Just For A Thrill" - Lil Hardin Armstrong
    Cape Cod with my college boyfriend. Salt water air.
  10. "Tina" - Duke Ellington
    10th grade music class with Mrs. Taillacq.
  11. "So What" - Miles Davis
    My grandparent's basement on Long Island. My grandfather smelling like pipe tobacco. Him telling me to listen to the instruments talk to each other.
  13. Lots of beautiful Fats Waller songs: "Blue Because of You," "Two Sleepy People," "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter," "Until the Real Thing Comes Along"
    Suggested by @angusisley
  14. "Knockin' Myself Out" + "Toledo Blues" - Art Tatum
    From God Is In The House. Improvised live recordings from the early '40s. Whole album is great, but these tracks are especially good because they include vocals, and some good audience reaction. Sassy.
    Suggested by @jtotheb
  15. Miles Davis, "On the Corner"
    I've always been told that people find this one accessible because it's more "hip hop" - repetitive, hypnotic, funky
    Suggested by @angusisley
  16. "I Fall in Love Too Easily" - Chet Baker
    Suggested by @angusisley