Thanks so much for the request @sally! Back by popular(?) demand, the sexy saga continues...
  1. The second book in the series is called "Deep Connection"
    I left my name off, to protect my career in politics, obviously. This is a working title. Suggestions welcome! ➕
  2. "Forgoing flowers, he surprised her with a baguette and her favorite soft cheese."
  3. "She gave him a haircut on the hotel balcony, and it turned out pretty well."
  4. "They swam naked together, and fell asleep for a bit, wrapped in towels."
  5. "'Don't rush in the shower,' he called calmly. 'We have plenty of time before we have to leave.'"
  6. "After the dinner party, he helped the hostess clear the dishes."
  7. "Both of them jumped onto the bed, as a large spider shuttled across the floor. Sharing a look, they started laughing uncontrollably - eventually falling onto the fresh white sheets in a tangle of laughter and kisses."
  8. "'You're my favorite person,' he said plainly."
  9. "Later, he gently caught the spider inside a glass cup and released it onto the villa's large back patio. She felt brave with him."
  10. "He watched her luggage while she ran to buy magazines in the airport."
  11. "She couldn't wait for them to get in the car, so they could debrief about everyone on the drive home."
  12. "When she got dressed for work, sometimes their goodbye kiss would turn into her getting undressed again."
  13. "Their eyes met across the Thanksgiving table, each knowing exactly what the other was thinking."
  14. "He wrapped his arms around her as they waited in line at The Paris. The New York night air was just starting to get cool."
  15. "He looked great in sweaters."
  16. "She knew the best place to get scrambled eggs at 3am."
  17. "He didn't mind that she was late to dinner. But she made up for it afterwards anyway."
  18. "I hate those couples who talk to each other publicly over Facebook," she said. He agreed and later wrote an embarrassingly saccharine message on her wall"
  19. "There was no place in the world she would rather be."
  20. "The sex took his breath away."
  21. "Her hand unconsciously reached for his."
  22. "He never snored."
  23. (@jansonebwoodlee we desperately need some back-of-book blurbs up in here...)